Convenient, easy, safe casino funding

One of the biggest areas of concert when it comes to gambling with real money at Australian online casinos is safety and security. You can put those worries behind you with the risk-free financial transaction network, POLi.

This service makes deposits and withdrawals easy, safe and convenient. Australian dollars are accepted, it works with Australian bank accounts, and it is easy and fast to use – a perfect choice for those who would prefer not to use their debit or credit cards when playing for the fantastic cash prizes on offer.

How this service works

POLi was developed as a service that allows people to make online payments for services and/or goods so that banking details will never have to be given to third parties. Because the service is logged into when you log into your bank account, your transactions at Australian online casinos will be protected by your bank’s internet banking security protocols.

Most web casinos accept the service as a banking option at the cashier, and because of the sheer convenience of it, you won’t find yourself struggling with complicated procedures to buy credits, which means you can spend more time at your favourite virtual slot machine or games table.

How to use the service

The first step to using POLi to fund your account at your favourite online casino is to make sure that your casino accepts it as a method of payment – if not, find a casino that does! This information can be found at the casino’s banking and cashier pages.

Once you’ve established that you’ll be able to use the service at the casino, you will need to download the service’s software from the website, which will take minimal time. Once you’ve done that, you will be able to fund your service account from your bank account.

Then simply return to the casino cashier, select POLi as your method of payment, and follow the easy instructions. In no time, you will be able to buy credits and start playing to win!

Is it safe?

Using service to make deposits and withdrawals at Australian online casinos comes with no risk to you. It might be fast and easy, but it certainly isn’t unsafe.

The service is protected by cutting-edge security features, and you will not have to submit your online banking identifier or password to be able to use it. Once your POLi account has been activated, you will automatically log into it when you log in to your online bank account – which gives you the additional protection of your bank’s online security features.

Transaction turnaround time

One of the benefits of using POLi as a banking method at your web casino is the speed at which your transactions are processed. You will find that deposits reflect almost instantaneously, so you won’t waste valuable time at the cashier when all you want to do is get some great gambling action.

Withdrawals can take a little longer, but that works in your favour – the delay is caused by a verification process, to further protect your finances. After all, you wouldn’t want someone else getting their hands on your winnings!

With so many great benefits at no risk to yourself, this is a sensible and smart way to fund your casino account.